138.com Players Withdrawal Policy
We do our best at 138.com to provide each affiliate a fast and efficient settlement when it comes to withdrawal requests.

Before a successful withdrawal is made, our members are required to provide documents for security and verification of identity. These documents can be digitally captured or scanned. Save them on your computer and e-mail them directly to help@138.com.


  1. Valid Photographic ID – We accept copies of your valid passport, driver’s license or national ID card. Signature, name and photograph should be suitably visible. When you send, the ID’s four corners should be also visible.

  2. Credit Cards/Debit Cards – A copy of the Front and Back of the card used in making a deposit and funding out is necessary. You may blank out the middle eight digits and the 3 digit security code on the back of the card. Your name in the card, the expiration date and the edges of the card must be visible. The signature panel must be signed too. Should you have multiple cards, you may be asked to supply copies for these additional cards too.

  3. Proof of Address – Your registered billing address is important to be verified as well. You may provide us a Bank Statement or Utility Bill issued within the last 6 months. Ensure that the copy is clearly visible including all edges and the texts must be legible too.

Please note that additional documents may be required under certain circumstances. We may need to request, at your sole cost, for additional documentation such as confirmation of deposits, a bank reference or a notarized ID.

We only need you to send your ID once. When your documents are received and successfully verified by our relevant department (up to 72 hours), your account in 138.com will be updated accordingly. You may then request for a withdrawal!

You may send these documents to:


  • The withdrawal processing time comes into effect once all your documents are verified.
  • You may only withdraw using the previous deposit method.
  • Generally, using Credit/Debit Card, Neteller or Skrill(moneybookers) takes 24 up to 72 hours pending period.


  • Your withdrawal method may be restricted based on your country. Do not hesitate to contact the online support for assistance.
  • Large withdrawals might take longer than 5 business days to be processed
  • Due to the strict Anti Money Laundering requirements, we require one or more forms of documentation to verify your identity as set out above. If we don’t receive anything from you upon request within 180 days, the remaining funds in your account will be cut and your account will be closed accordingly.
  • 138.com reserves the discretion to hold your withdrawal longer than the pending period. If we haven’t received any documents or additional documents requested from you within the stated period, the withdrawal request will be cancelled.
  • You can cancel your withdrawal request and have the funds returned to your 138.com account within the processing period.